Aromatherapy for Aging

AGING is one of the most profound transitions human beings undergo. Age-ing is an attitude of mind, and your attitude is either positive or negative. Researchers say the fastest way to induce change in mood behavior is with smell, and have used aromatherapy to improve mood. The health and beauty areas most often categorized in the aging process are psychological effects, skin care, pain management and hormonal imbalances. For psychological stress, pure therapeutic essential oils are ready to balance nerves, uplift mood and counteract depression and blues. Therapeutic essential oils can be used in the bath, a therapeutic massage or through diffusing in the air.


Hot Flashes – try lavender oil blended in a cooling aloe vera base. Apply it to the source of the flush, usually chest, breasts, throat or back of neck and wrists.

Soothe & Relieve Headache Discomfort – try a blend of lavender and peppermint essential oils. Apply to source of discomfort, usually head and temples. (The Romans used peppermint as a tonic for the brain)

Sleep Problems (stress related) – try a bath, mist or massage blend which includes rose absolute. This will soothe the mind and balance the emotions. Neroli or jasmine counteracts nervous exhaustion and ylang ylang lifts the spirits and counteracts irritability. Note: If sleep disturbances are definitely due to hormone imbalances, lavender and/or chamomile are standing by.

Weight Gain (related to hormones) – Aromatherapy can help where eating is stress related, by aiding relaxation and reducing stress levels. Particularly recommended oils are bergamot, geranium, frankincense, sandalwood, mandarin, neroli, patchouli, and lavender. Geranium and juniper are both recommended for water retention. Blended with lavender and sandalwood, one can look forward to a deeply relaxing bath or fabulous massage.

Skincare – Frankincense is the jewel in the aromatherapy crown when it comes to skincare. Borage as a base oil with frankincense and rose absolute can be a quintessential formula for maintaining healthy cell walls and deep moisturizing.

Pain Relief – Aromatherapy is a very effective way of managing age related aches and pain. During the first World War, lavender was prized for its ability to offer relief from the physical and mental pain of the situation.

Remember, Less is More, with essential oils. Never apply the oil directly to the skin, and refer to a reliable practitioner for high quality oils and blending expertise. Essential oils are highly concentrated and volatile. They should be treated as medicine and kept in dark bottles in a cool cupboard. Request pure therapeutic grade essential oils and use small amounts routinely.