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Katybugs pure essential oils are not a substitue for professional medical care. Essential Oils are recommended for External Use Only.

~ Do Not ingest
~ Never Use Near Eyes
~ Store oils in cool, dark place, keep upright and capped
~ Keep out of reach of children
~ For children under the age of 6, cut amounts in half
~ Test on skin for sensitivity. Essential oils are potent.
~ Remember adage – Less is More!

Suggested Uses:

~ Use carefully in moderate amounts
~ Massage: 20 – 30 drops in 2 oz carrier oil
~ Bath: 5 to 10 drops
~ Steam: 4 drops in 2 cups hot water
~ Lotion: 20 drops in 2 oz of unscented lotion
~ Therapeutic blend: 40 drops in 10 ml. Carrier oil

Katybugs offers Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils.
Safe, Effective and Fragrant
Purity and Quality measured through GC/MS Laboratory Analysis

Personalized blends to meet customer preference

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