Body Lotions

katybugs healingsense fine-textured penetrating lotion includes a blend of natural plant extracts and oils that help restore skin suppleness and vitality. They are enriched with pure essential oils in a natural botanical base containing aloe vera, wild pansy extract, safflower, avocado, and organic jojoba oil. Katie’s lotions are gentle for face and hands. Apply liberally to all parts of the body. When used daily, your skin will glow from the nourishing benefits. Cruelty free, Ph balanced, biodegradable.

You can use the following synergistic blends to assist with overall wellness. These blends are meant as a complement to existing medical care and never as a substitute. All the essential oils used in these blends are guaranteed as pure, therapeutic grade quality. Essential Oils are helpmates to the basic principles of holistic care including nutrition, exercise and an overall positive attitude towards life.

All lotions come in a cobalt blue jar (rather than a pump bottle)

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