Extraordinary Vessels Kit


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  • (14) 7.5 ml bottles essential oil and synergistic blends
  • (5) crystal points (clear quartz, smokey quartz, kyanite wand, amethyst point, tangerine point)
  • Energetically pure points for simple complimentary use.

This therapist kit is designed to provide the acupuncturist with the essential oils and oil blends indicated when working with the Eight extraordinary vessels.   These Eight Extraordinary Channels, also known as the Eight Ancestral Meridians and the Extraordinary Conduits are channels, which affect the body on the deepest level of our basic constitutional energy – the Essence (Jing), or Genetic Level (DNA).

Combining Essential Oils to the Opening point and, if necessary, to selected points on the trajectory, can synergistically amplify the energetic results.  It is important to note that a tiny amount of essential oil is applied due to the fact that:

  • Too much oil floods the nerve receptors and the body switches them off, consequently rendering the oil useless.
  • More than a minuscule amount on BL-1 can be dangerous as it migrates to the eye via the skin’s natural oils.
  • The tiniest amount provides the maximum amount of stimulation to the point. Remember, “Much Less is More”
  • The therapist kit includes (5) organic, non-polished quartz crystals. Crystals in their raw state, with no impurities, placed in positions adjacent to acupuncture points, strongly regulate energy flows within the body in the following ways:
    • They help remove stagnant energy and induct fresh energy
    • They can heal areas of pain, congestion and inflammation
    • They can bring order into areas that become disordered at the energetic level.
  • Essential oils with crystals are used in healing work with the intention to amplify and to attune bio-electrical energy flow.

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