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Ingredients  Frankincense (boswellia sacra) myrrh, and sandalwood

This blend includes frankincense sacra. Dr. Huueh-Kung Lin has made discoveries that Boswellia sacra inhibits the faulty signaling and cell cycle regulation that is thought to cause the development of cancer.  He states that “Frankincense sacra  oil makes it difficult for cancer cells to form networks and disrupts the cancer cell development.”  Dr. Mahmoud Suhail has recorded extensive studies on the effect of frankincense sacra and its effect on cancer cells.  It is further noted that myrrh essential oil and sandalwood essential oils contain anti-cancer forming compounds and compliment the effects of frankincense sacra.  Synergistically speaking, this is  a potent anti-inflammatory with powerful immune boosting properties and it increases the body’s supply of white blood cells (Lymphocytes), our primary immune defense. 

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