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Menthe piperita (India)

For indigestion, cold and flu, tired feet, mental fatigue, aches and pains. Clears emotional congestion, enhances focus & memory; stimulates new ideas.
Properties: antibacterial, antispasmodic, antiviral … may irritate skin if applied directly – always blend with base oil

Common Uses:

  • Indigestion – mix 5 drops with 1 tbsp. carrier oil and massage abdomen clockwise. -Headaches – inhale from bottle, blend with carrier oil and massage neck and shoulders.
  • Sinus, cold, flu – inhale from bottle, steam tent, bath,blend with carrier oil and massage temples, neck and chest.
  • Motion sickness – inhale from bottle.
  • General fatigue – inhale from bottle or gently massage temples with drop of peppermint.



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