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It is as if the companies of yesteryear had been willed to Katie Buggs, shops in which clothes, saddles, tools and medicines were made for each individual seeking the product. So it is with this amazing business.
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Susan S.
Over the past six months I have had three surgeries and 33 rounds of chemotherapy. Through it all, you have supported me, with wonderful lotions and potions, hopeful words and nourishing and healing teas. You have helped my soul and spirit and body! So I want to thank you. Last week I finished my chemotherapy, and am working on getting my strength back and planning and looking forward to the rest of my life.
Thanks for introducing me to "diffusing." I didn't think I'd find anything to relieve the symptoms of acute sinus rhinitis. My nasal passages were very dry and I couldn't sleep due to the discomfort. Your eucalyptus, diffused in the AKO Electric Diffuser, has been terrific! The headaches and pounding sinuses have diminished to the point where I can sleep through the night -- what a relief! I use the diffuser in my office during the day and in the bedroom at night. Thanks for the help I could not find elsewhere.
I thoroughly enjoy your Lavender~Chamomile Body Lotion -- I can't get enough of it! Not only is it wonderful for my skin, my massage therapist uses it on me during my regular massages. I can't be without it!
I just love your Lavender Lullaby Hydrosol! I use it every night and make sure my pillowcases and sleeping area gets a good spray. It really helps me breathe and sleep peacefully! 
Your car diffuser is wonderful! I just put a few drops of my Peppermint Breeze Diffusing Blend in and begin to feel refreshed, happy, and ready to go. Thanks for the lift!
I got my package AND IT IS AWESOME. I love all of it. Especially the sample. The girls in the office like them also - which is unusual we normally do not argree on smells. I really appreciate all your help & the stuff! You are great!
Thanks, Katy, I just love your products! My daughter-in-law gave me a couple of things for Christmas and I got hooked.
The entire order is fabulous!!! The Blue Moon is a healer, for sure! I love it, plus it doesn't activate my allergies!! A good thing, a very good thing indeed.The shower gel is wonderful. I never tire of your surprises!!! I"ll keep ordering, if you'll keep making!Thanks for giving me the best there is!
My mother and I came into your store right around the time I was graduating from Christchurch School in 2005. You made such a lasting impression. The lotions you gave me to help my chapped hands still work their magic, and I've yet to find a better lotion. And remember I told you I felt as though I didn't know where I was going in life? You helped me choose the leopard jaspar, which I keep close by at all times. I also love the tea we bought and was very upset when I thought it was lost. Turns out that my father had taken it to work with him and didn't tell anyone, and I just found it. The label sported your website, and as soon as I visited, I remember feeling the same way I did when I walked into your store! 🙂
Katy, I used Five Senses Blend (and still do!) and your lavender lullaby while I was on chemo. It gave me a sense of peace and helped me sleep and relax, which is so important. Also, I have been using ginger since I was diagnosed - grate the fresh into my green tea. I knew it was good for digestion and stomach upset, especially from chemo, and also for inflammation. I read last week that tests show that ginger has been shown to KILL ovarian cancer cells in a lab dish!!! Amazing what all these complementary things can do for us. Keep up your wonderful work - your products continue to nurture me and they brought me through some very rough days!
I visited Katy's shop at the Annual Oyster roast and was glad I had. Just a few weeks prior, I had a hysterectomy and my hormones were way out of wack. My face had broken out, my skin was dry and peeling. I tried everything on the market to clear up my skin. I walked into the katybugs shop and Katy explained her skin care line and suggested it may work for me. I was skeptical at first, but in 2 days my face was totally clear with a beautiful glow. I could not believe it. Everyone asks what I use and I brag about Katybugs products. I love the fragrance as well. I will not use anything else. Thanks, Katy!
Thank you for sending the flea beware so quickly. And, the soap with the paw print! It was just what I need for my Kiska's skin. Kiska is the 10 year old Irish Wolf Hound that has arthritis and skin problems. His skin is now healthy and the pear mist works wonderfully when he is having a difficult time sleeping. I checked your website and didn't see the soap listed. I know that I'll want to keep it on hand for all my dogs. Right now, I'm just using it on Kiska as his skin had scabs and sores. I've been using the massage oils too for about a week now on a daily basis and he comes to me when he sees (or smells) that I have his kit out. Thank you so much! I'll make certain and tell all my family and friends about Katybugs! Your Healing Paws line is wonderful!
You have 100% outdone yourself on these new salts!!! They make the best bath I believe I have ever had. They make you feel so soft, refreshed, and totally relaxed. I am all about these now!!! My calf tear is better although not totally healed. I am walking with a cane, and need more salts and oils to finish the healing process.
Francis P.
Although a user of essential oils for over ten years now, taking Katy's class broaden my base knowledge significantly and introduced a number of new oils and concepts to me. Katy's instruction was thorough (employing a number of resources) and very interactive. We not only worked with a large variety of oils and their properties, but were also able to become familiar with many of the source plants. The class was time well-spent and I know I will use the knowledge for years to come.
Candie N.
Katie, I love your pain relief lotion. I know your products are personally blended by using high quality pure essential oils. I will always use this lotion before anything else because it works quickly and lasts. It only takes just a small amount of lotion lightly rubbed on the back of my neck or on my hands and fingers (Raynaud's Disease pain & swelling) to get instant relief. It is a wonderful, soothing feeling - pure relief! Thank you for your efforts.
Joanie S.
Katie, your pain cream worked so well the swelling in my shoulder was cut in half in 24 hours. I use it 3x a day. Therapy can be grueling yet the physical therapist says she can't believe how well I'm doing. Just wanted to say thanks - your cream has been great!
Tim S.
Katie, I sprained my ankle in December and it is still painful at times. The Pain Relief Cream really helps! I put it on most mornings after my shower. I also use it for my arthritic wrist and my knee. It really is very effective. It takes the pain away very quickly. I also put it on before bed frequently because my ankle hurts if I've overdone it. Thank you for this terrific cream!
Donna E.