Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils

“Therapeutic Quality essential oils” is an open-ended statement, often misused and inaccurate and requiring further exploration. We need the facts to back up the statement. katybugs PlantSense represents therapeutic quality through ensuring her company oils are 100% pure and natural. They are tested, gently and effectively processed and handled from seed to plant to distillation, and carefully bottled and distribute through a recognized integrative process.

What qualifies plant oil as “100% pure and natural?”

  • It is the complex chemical components of each essential oil created in nature that determine its therapeutic and true aromatic qualities.
  • It is the location, time of day, weather, and seasons, which dictate the best time to extract the oil.
  • The quality, price and intensity of essential oils vary according to the variety of the plant, the part of the plant used, the time of harvest, the richness of the soil, the quality and length of the cultivation methods, the process of distillation, and the reliability of the company providing the oils.
  • It is important to know that the essential oils meet the International Standard Organization (ISO) standards through stamp and authorized signature on each oil analysis sheet.

When katybugs PlantSense states “100% Pure & Natural,” she is using an internationally recognized and scientifically sustainable term used within the industry. In saying this, Katie ensures that the essential oils have nothing added to them, including both natural and synthetic components. Gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy is used as an indication of chemical composition integrity. All katybugs essential oils are derived from plants which are organically grown or wild crafted. Attention to organic is adhered to with all citrus oils pressed from the peel and therefore contains no insecticides or pesticides. A plant grown wild, in the same ecological environment that it has adapted to over thousands of years, contains even stronger vital forces than an organically cultivated plant. Essential oils distilled from wild plants offer fuller, more potent aromas for restoring wholeness in mind, body, and spirit. Screening the plant material and careful, slow distillation can produce the differences between commercially distilled oil and therapeutically distilled oil.

To help safeguard the environment and maintain the lowest possible prices for the quality of products offered through katybugs, we have a specific policy of using simple but attractive labels and not packing in glossy, expensive and useless cartons. These may not have the marketing polish of many of the available essential oils suppliers but it allows our quality to speak for itself without squandering the earth’s precious resources. Katie recycles packing materials for all shipping parcels.

Katie ensures that the essential oils are stored in the dark at a reasonable temperature. All ordering for the essential oils, blending, pouring, bottling, and intention is actualized by Katie, the sole proprietor of katybugs PlantSense.