Vibratory Color Medicine Kit


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Color Healing is the use of color for the purpose of creating balance and health in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

Sunlight encompasses the color spectrum. Each color in the spectrum contributes an important element to the whole. When in a state of health and well being, individuals experience the balance inherent in the spectrum. Without this spectral balance, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmonies are compromised. These essences are created to use in therapeutic blending, energy treatments, and personal use and available in organic body oil. Chakra harmony mist is included for auric cleansing and harmonic balancing.

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Kit Contents:

  • Yellow, green, magenta, and purple color essences (1 oz bottles)
  • Quartz crystals
  • Chakra Harmony Mist
  • Instructions for use

Instructions for Use:

  • Add two drops to therapeutic essential oil blend
  • 1 teaspoon in warm bath
  • therapist anoints hands with color essence before giving treatment.
  • If more than one color is indicated, apply to appropriate chakra or endocrine organ through touch, gentle massage, or acupressure.

Chakra Mist can be used before and after a session or one can mist at anytime for harmonic balance and well  being.
The color kit works beautifully with the Wisdom Card Deck and the Chakra Medicine Box.



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